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How can we help you?

At MatchWorks we understand that quality, time and budget weigh heavily on your decision making process. We therefore ensure that we identify the right talent to match your requirement, we minimize the time it takes to find the perfect match and when we deliver, you’ll find our price is lower than the cost /you would have made without us/it would have been going at it alone.

Why work with us?

  • we present only those candidates who are a match for your organization.
  • you can benefit from our in-depth market knowledge and advice throughout the process.
  • we have a personal, hands-on approach.
  • our focus on quality is designed to save you time.
  • we are flexible and enjoy creating recruitment terms and SLA's that very much suit our clients.
  • we don't ask for upfront fees, we get paid upon successful placement.
  • we don't insist on exclusivity, you are free to work with other recruiters.

(Our) process

Our process is transparent, simple, fast and efficient.

  • Intake Meeting
  • Vacancy Advertising
  • Follow up